My portrait of Gremlins star Zach Galligan featured in the UK's Prog Magazine...

A good actor friend of mine, Zach Galligan, reached out to me a few months back stating that he was to be featured in a UK magazine and needed some photos to send over. They apparently offered to use their own photographer, but Zach insisted that he had it covered. I've photographed Zach so many times before that he felt more comfortable shooting with me during a beautiful summer day on my Manhattan rooftop. We winged the shoot to be honest.. Just grabbed some of his favorite vinyl, stuck him on my roof at sunset and played around. He didn't want anything too fancy; just a chill portrait of him that would guarantee him looking great in a New York setting....(I'm pretty sure it doesn't get anymore New York than sitting on the roof of a 5-floor walkup that's over 110 years old on the Upper East Side.) Here's the spread that was recently published. Thanks to Zach Galligan and Prog Magazine for throwing me a bone... BTW, I have a sweet vinyl collection myself!


Pinterest Inspiration Boards!

Hey gang!

Quick update: I've made it even easier for YOU to prepare for your shoot. When you visit my FAQs page you will now see an inspiration board for either men or women. This will show you what to look for when preparing for your shoot in terms of appropriate tops. I'll constantly be updating these boards to inspire you so we can achieve the best headshot possible! Go ahead, check em' out!


Congrats to headshot client Alberto Rosende

Just wanted to quickly say a big congrats to my headshot client Alberto Rosende who will be starring in a new TV series. I'm so bad with updating everyone with all of the success my clients have with their headshot... Here is actual proof for once! Way to go Alberto!

Spring has Sprung!

I LOVE this time of year! After freezing for months on end, the snow is finally melting and the sun is shining down. The lighting this time of year is gorgeous. There is nothing like finally shedding those layers of clothes and hiking out into the street to do a shoot. Everyone is glowing, the air is fresh, the breeze is gentle. I have the biggest smile on my face when I get to venture back out into my natural habitat, shooting in the streets of New York. 


 Last week, during the first warm days of spring... Look at the glow! 

Last week, during the first warm days of spring... Look at the glow! 

 Clay especially brought the heat during his fierce shoot. 

Clay especially brought the heat during his fierce shoot. 

Call me crazy, but the spring flies by and next thing you know, its HOT out. I shoot year round, of course, but I encourage my clients to book during Spring and Fall if they are able! 

Its cold out, so what?!

I shoot headshots year round AND I use 100% natural light...  Depending on the season, this can cause the location to vary.. At the moment, I have a sweet location that's comfortable and INDOORS.. Yes, that's right, indoors! Tea, music, a makeup artist and heat- all here for you! Check out one of Tallie's headshot she took with me just only a few weeks ago...

Ain't she purty?